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Bad psychic advise? I broke up my relationship because a psychic told me it was the only way for him to change. Yes, he is difficult, yes, he is a jerk, yes, the relationship was destructive, but still, I feel like an idiot for not making my own decisions in my own time, in my own way. I was all bitchy and hurtful because the psychic told me that was the only way. I've spent almost 300 dlls in psychic readings... I feel like an idiot and now I have no money and no guy, just the promise of a person that I don't even know personally telling me that he will react and come back.

Our psychic phone reading testimonials from our cutomers are updated frequently. This is the first one. "I married this man 4 years ago. The relationships was rocky and he had major health issues. Actually, we both did. He suffered from severe depression, lost his job and didn't work for 2 of the 3 years we were married. He was very depressed and my children and he didn't ever get along. I felt as miserable as I have never before. I didn't know what to do. So many questions and no answers. None of my friends seemed to be able or willing to give me advise on how I should handle the situation. Especially since my kids were involved and everyone knows how badly these domestic situations between husband and wife affect children. Thank God I found this psychic phone reading site just at the right time in my life. I was never a believer in such things as love psychic phone readings, astrology compatibility reports nor advice from a psychic medium and that sort of thing. We've all read the odd love horoscope pages occasionally, but I would have never made an actual phone call for a live psychic reading. Well, that day I did call that psychic line as I felt I had nothing to loose any more and it change my whole life for the better. I don't actually have words to describe what an amazing uplift it gave me. I am in frequent contact with my psychic medium and things are really working out now.

Your psychic love reading changed my whole life! We've been married for 21 years and for the past four or five, my husband and I had a platonic relationship. To be honest, we've never had a very good sex life. I've always been very sexual and he has not. While the first years of our marriage started out OK, sexually, it has slowly come down to nothing, which has become very upsetting for me. My husband refuses to discuss any of our problems and will not seek any counselling to come to a solution. Lately, I've been thinking of divorce or at the very least, of having an affair. As I said, the worst of it is his reluctance to discuss the issue. I didn't feel loved any more without having sex, physical contact, and discussions about how to improve our problems. His dog got more attention than I did. I was at my wit's end. I did still love him, but I didn't know what the future had in store for me until I received this fantastic psychic phone reading, well, maybe more like a love horoscope or something love reading related. Anyway, so many questions have been answered. It gave me such a power boost. I am about ready to move on with my life now and find a new man who has the same interests (both mentally and physically) as I have. Your psychic phone reading helped me so unbelievably much, it completely restored my faith in myself and my ability to find the love I deserved. Now that I look back on our live together, I realise it wasn't all that great and I don't know how much longer I would have wasted my time in this love less marriage without having had this encouraging reading. Thank you so much for your amazing help.

If it only cost you three hundred dollars to get rid of someone who was destroying your life, you got off cheap. It's okay if you need help making hard decisions. Just be proud that you managed to do it and use the time alone to work on yourself. Remake yourself into the sort of person your ideal partner would want, and don't settle for what you've been getting. I am sure the psychic advise you received will turn out to be all worthwhile in the end. You've already made the first step. Now wait and see. Everything in live needs time. You may be in denial now that the decision you made was a good one because you feel all lonely. You may wish you'd never had a psychic reading. But think of it that way; it caused you to act and that caused a chain of events that would have never happened without the impulse of your psychic. Everything happens for a reason. How often do we think we've made the right decision just to find out later that it was wrong? How many people are in denial and are therefore unable to make decisions that change their lives? There are so many different psychic mediums out there specialised in different psychic readings. From love and relationship reading to financial, money, health, prosperity readings. There is a psychic phone reading for everyone and a competent and experienced psychic will be able to guide you into the right direction and open your eyes to the possibilities of what you're future could be. It's always easy to say later “I could have done this without his/ her psychic advice as it was so obvious”. Well, why did you not do it then and only acted after your psychic reading? In all honesty, most people are lying to themselves and in the end need to blame it on somebody. Why not the psychic, he/she is the easiest target.

If you would know what to do why would you call a psychic line and ask for help in the first place? Would you not spend your money better elsewhere? Of course you could, but the mere fact that people call for advice and when they fail to implement the changes blame it on the psychic medium or counsellor is a weak excuse.

I've had many psychic readings over the years, some better than others, some psychics made me feel that all their advice was extremely accurate from the beginning while it took time with others for me to discover the benefit of the psychic advice and gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of the reading over time. I can only advice anyone not to make your judgements pre-maturely and if necessary go back to your psychic medium and ask for clarification if you are “not there” yet to understand all the implications of the reading you've received.

Now, obviously there are many ways to obtain a psychic phone reading. Just typing in any permutation of "psychic readings" online will provide you with thousands of possibilities, but remember that in today's day and age, it's relatively easy to call yourself one of these things. Your best bet is to do your research before spending any of your hard-earned money on a psychic.

Look at several different psychics, and compare them. Much like buying a new car- if you fall in love with the first one you see, you may have missed a great deal just around the corner.When it comes to online psychics or phone psychics, you obviously can't meet them in person, but there's still ways to see how credible they are.


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